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Idiom - It's up to you!

Today the English tip will be quick and practical!

If you're like me, when someone asks a question like "what do you want to eat?" or “what are we going to watch?”, my answer is usually the same: você quem sabe!

Have you ever wondered how we say this in English. A very common mistake is that people tend to translate phrases or expressions literally. In this case, if we say “you who knows”, we will end up leaving the recipient of our message a little confused. So let's get right to the point:

Você quem sabe | It is (It’s) up to you


What do you want for dinner? | O que você quer jantar?

It’s up to you! | Você quem sabe!

When do you want to go to the supermarket? | Quando você quer ir ao supermercado?

It’s up to you! | Você quem sabe!

What do you want to watch? | O que você quer assistir?

It’s up to you! | Você quem sabe!

I want to emphasize here on the Blog that memorizing is not synonymous with learning. Intentionally start using this expression in your daily life, this is the best way to learn and incorporate new expressions and words into your vocabulary.


All blog posts have a version both in English and Portuguese.

I hope today's tip was helpful,

See you next time!

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